Eco Farm, a place to experience Vietnamese culture and lifestyle

 13/04/2020  Đăng bởi: NGUYỄN MẠNH HÙNG

Coming to Eco Farm, you can enjoy the green, fresh, ecological space, participate in many exciting and fascinating activities to experience and explore Vietnamese culture and lifestyle.

Coming to Eco Farm, you can explore, walk, and save memorable, peaceful and rustic moments.

In terms of cuisine, you will have the opportunity to participate, make and enjoy a variety of ethnic dishes with Vietnamese identity such as Vietnamese braised fish, vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste, fried spring rolls, grilled meat, spring rolls... Moreover, you can make, enjoy a lot of special cakes - gifts of Vietnam such as stuffed sticky rice balls, Vietnamese square sticky rice cake, bread, Che Lam... You can also experience the tea and lid eugenia tea culture from picking leaves, infusing, enjoying it with Vietnamese rural style.

About Farmstay activities, you get the opportunity to become Vietnamese farmers with fun experience activities at the farm such as watering, tending and harvesting vegetables; taking care of flowers, fruit trees; cutting flowers; feeding pets (goats, wild boars, birds, chickens…); harvesting eggs, fishing... This will be an occasion for you to learn about the life of many species of trees, vegetables in rural Vietnam, harvest organic green vegetables for our meals.

In terms of experience activities, you can participate in many life activities imbued with Vietnam’s identity. We offer visits and workshops where you can try your hand at making Vietnamese traditional handicrafts such as making bamboo dragonflies, pinwheels, paintings, and painting concrete statues... Moreover,  you can participate in impressive handmade making activities at the creative experience workshop such as making recycled items, handmade fabric items, cards, rings, wooden furniture, gifts, decorations...

In terms of fun activities, you can play Vietnamese folk games such as: the game of squares, tug of war, sack race, monkey bridge, blindfolded drumming, catching goats, catching ducks, catching fish in the tank, climbing bamboo poles... and other fun games like soccer, javelin throw, archery, sasuke, amazing race...

In addition, you can also participate in picnic activities such as camping, enjoying outdoor BBQ, gala dinner, putting the campfire, teambuilding, taking part in survival experiences...

Eco farm also offers a full range of support services such as room, accommodation, dining, BBQ, Buffet, coffee... At Eco Farm, you can stay in lovely homestay rooms in harmony with nature or camping on pine hill or any other area at Farm.

Eco Farm provides opportunities for everyone to enjoy all services at a very affordable price!

Coming to Eco Farm if you want to experiment with the sense of truly being at one with the rustic and pristine nature, to further love Vietnamese culture and life!

Eco Farm

Address       : Dong Goi Hamlet, Hoa Son Commune, Luong Son District, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam (About 30km away from the center of Hanoi)

Hotline         : 0987999790 / 0978881414

Email           :

Website        :

Facebook     :

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